Table 3

 Group 2 (50–94% tumour necrosis)

Age (years)SexMaximum tumour size (mm)pTNM stageFuhrman nuclear gradeTumour subtypeFollow up (months)
DOOC, died of other causes; LTFU, lost to follow up; NED, no evidence of disease; PO, postoperatively.
79M14022Clear cellNED (12)
32M8221Clear cellNED (50)
77F1003b3Clear cellDied PO
41F2812Clear cellNED (65)
65M16032Clear cellDOOC (11)
68MNRUnknown3Clear cellLTFU
56F7012Clear cellNED (70)
78M27033Clear cellRecurrence (50)
72M953b3Clear cellDied (22)
67M12022PapillaryNED (106)