Table 4

 Comparison of training time and costs for different haemoglobin methods

MethodTraining time* in minutesNumber of practice tests requiredTotal training costs† 2001 US$
Lab attendantLA/JTExperienced technicianLab attendantLA/JTExperienced technicianTotal no of practice tests
*Training time excludes tutor’s time; †total training costs comprise trainees’ time, the cost of supplies for the number of practice tests required, and an apportioned element of the capital cost.
HCN, haemiglobincyanide; JT, junior technician; LA, laboratory assistant.
DHT meter200906050402511518.37
Haemoglobin colour scale16060304020157524.52
WBA colorimeter600040003000200150100450228.62
Jenway colorimeter600040003000200150100450230.32