Table 2

 Logistic regression models predicting bacteraemia in derivation set

TermNo bacteraemia (n = 3821)Bacteraemia (n = 324)Univariate analysis (n = 4145)Multivariate model, CRP not included (n = 4145)Multivariate model, CRP included (n = 4145)
MeanSDMeanSDOR95% CIWaldp ValueOR95% CIWaldp ValueOR95% CIWaldp Value
CI, confidence interval; CRP, C reactive protein; OR, odds ratio; Wald, wald statistic.
Age642270191.0111.005 to 1.01615<0.011.0071.001 to 1.0135.80.0161.0071.001 to 1.0135.00.024
CRP (mg/l)7681147951.0081.007 to 1.009182<0.01Not entered1.0061.005 to 1.00782<0.01
Log lymphocytes0.280.28−0.200.370.1010.071 to 0.14170<0.010.0530.028 to 0.10082<0.010.0720.037 to 0.13862<0.01
Neutrophils8. to 1.10109<0.011.0891.068 to 1.10977<0.011.0541.032 to 1.07624<0.01
CRP* Neutrophils1.00031.0003 to 1.0004160<0.01Not enteredNS
Neutrophil* log lymphocytes0.8400.82 to 0.87130<0.011.0701.024 to 1.1179.3<0.011.0581.011 to 1.1065.960.015
CRP* log lymphocytes0.9840.98 to 0.991818<0.01Not enteredNS