Table 3

 Proportions of cases with high likelihood ratios

Analysis of derivation set (n = 2049)Cutoff value for LR >5Cutoff value for LR >10LR >5 n =  %LR >5%LR >10 n =  %LR <10%
This table shows the proportion of blood cultured cases in the validation set in which likelihood ratios of 5 and 10 for bacteraemia are predicted by the two models derived here, and by neutrophil count, lymphocyte count, and CRP protein when used as single variables.
CRP, C reactive protein; LR, likelihood ratio.
Modelled probability, CRP included0.1970.3041688.2%572.8%
Modelled probability, CRP excluded0.1810.2501567.6%532.6%
Neutrophil count (×109/l)20.726.2924.5%391.9%
Lymphocyte count (×109/l)0.2630.149703.4%231.1%
CRP (mg/l)00.0%00.0%