Abstract P16

Animal groupBody weight (g)ITT plasma glucose mean fall AUC (mmol/l)CTGF intact protein (% of control)CTGF fragment to intact ratio (% of control)CTGF mRNA (% of control)
Data are mean (SEM).
*p<0.05 v PVG/c +vehicle group; †p<0.05 v each PVG/c group; ‡p<0.05 v PEPCK +vehicle; all analysis is by multiple ANOVA.
AUC, area under the curve; CTGF, connective tissue growth factor; ITT, insulin tolerance test; PEPCK, rats overexpressing phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase; pio, pioglitazone; PVG/c, control rats.
PVG/c +vehicle374 (5.4)1.67 (0.34)100100100
PVG/c +pio373 (5.0)2.41 (0.52)194 (48)*86 (20.1)215 (36)*
PEPCK +vehicle411 (12.0)†1.47 (0.25)81 (31)146 (20.0)†265 (28)*
PEPCK +pio450 (5.4)†‡2.51 (0.48)‡158 (3)‡68 (12.4)†‡193 (25)*†