Table 5

 Identification and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values of campylobacter reference strains

Campylobacter reference strainsIdentificationMIC vancomycinMIC aztreonam
*NCTC strain C jejuni subsp. doylei became contaminated during the study.
C jejuni* NCTC 11168 C jejuni >256>256
C lari NCTC 11352 C lari >256>256
C coli NCTC 11366 C coli >256>256
C fetus subsp. fetus C fetus >256>256
H (C) fennelliae NCTC 11612 H (C) fennelliae >2564
H (C) cinaedi NCTC 11611 H (C) cinaedi >2564
C upsaliensis NCTC 11926 C upsaliensis >2564
C hyointestinalis C hyointestinalis >256>256