Table 2

 Mast cell (MC) numbers according to the different body sites

Body areaNMean (SD) MC/mm2
Perilesional skin around basal cell carcinomas, various dermatological disorders, and the control group.
*Difference in MCs/mm2 between trunk, upper arm, and upper leg: p = 0.929; **difference of MCs/mm2 between proximal and distal body areas: p = 0.000; ***difference of MCs/mm2 between forearm and lower leg: p = 0.240 (all Student’s t test).
Proximal: trunk, upper arm, and upper leg; distal: forearm and lower leg.
Trunk1778.6* (31.5)
Upper arm4476.5* (32.7)
Upper leg2974.9* (38.8)
Proximal9077.0** (33.6)
Forearm27101.2*** (32.6)
Lower leg24113.1*** (46.7)
Distal51108.2** (41.4)