Table 2

 Basal cell proliferations of the prostate: diagnostic criteria together with major immunohistochemical findings

ArchitectureCytology34βE12, p63PSAS-100 protein, SMA
*See table 1 for cell location.
BCA, basal cell adenoma; BCC, basal cell carcinoma; BCH, basal cell hyperplasia; PSA, prostate specific antigen; SMA, α smooth muscle actin.
Normal basal cell layerNear continuous single cell layerSmall elongated cells, ovoid nuclei, scant cytoplasm+
Ordinary BCH (including BCA and adenomatosis)Small cell nests, two cell layers minimum, solid or cysticSmall to medium sized nuclei, inconspicuous nucleoli, cytoplasm difficult to identify+±*±*
Florid BCHCompact glandular proliferation with solid nestsCells with moderately enlarged nuclei, often with a prominent nucleolus+±±
BCH with prominent nucleoli (or atypical BCH)Same as ordinary BCHNucleoli similar to those seen in acinar adenocarcinoma+±±
BCC (adenoid cystic carcinoma)Islands and cords of cells with peripheral palisading or nests of cells with an adenoid cystic patternBasaloid cells with large nuclei with considerable irregularity and variable size+±