Table 2

 Urine workload before and after the introduction of the urine dipstick algorithm for each hospital site.

Hospital siteOne year before algorithm introductionOne year after algorithm distribution (% change)Two years after algorithm distribution (% change)
Each year is compared with the year before the distribution of the algorithm.
GGH, Glenfield General Hospital; LGH, Leicester General Hospital; LRI, Leicester Royal Infirmary.
LRI21267−237 (−1.1)−997 (−4.7)
LGH22065−2333 (−10.6)−1917 (−8.7)
GGH6571+557 (+8.8)+2311 (+35.2)
Total49903−1993 (−4.0)−603 (−1.2)
LRI and LGH43332−2570 (−5.9)−2914 (−6.7)