Table 5

 Probability of breast cancer cases related to BRCA1 germline mutations for different groups of patients with breast cancer on the basis of a combination of the percentage of Ki67-positive cells, percentage of progesterone receptor-positive cells in the primary tumour and EGFR status of the primary tumour

ClassificationDecision treeNumber of sporadic casesNumber of cases with BRCA1 mutationsProbability of BRCA1-related disease (%)Number of intermediate-risk casesNumber of high-risk casesNumber of cases with BRCA2 mutations
EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor; Neg, negative; Pos, positive; PR, progesterone receptor.
SporadicKi67<25% and PR>0%184003323
IntermediateKi67<25% and PR = 0%128221520
IntermediateKi67⩾25% and EGFR = Neg8278950
BRCA1 relatedKi67⩾25% and EGFR = Pos2713332102