Table 4

 Summary of clinical histories of basal-like tumours responding to chemotherapy

Case numberDisease-free survival (months)Relapse siteTreatment after relapse of diseaseResponseTime from response to PD (months)Site of PDTreatment at progressionTime from relapse to death (months)
5-FU, 5-fluorouracil; CT, computed tomography; DXT, radiotherapy; FTI, farnesyl transferase inhibitor; LN, lymph nodes; MVP, mitomycin, vinblastine, cisplatin; PD, progressive disease; PR, partial response; US, ultrasound.
119Bone, LNMVP 6 cycles DXT (bone)PR (post cycle 3 and 6, CT)6Breast LNDoxorubicin (4 cycles)17
220Bone, liverDoxorubicin 6 cyclesPR (post cycle 3 and 6, CT)NANANA5
324Ipsilateral breastNeoadjuvant vinorelbinePR post 2 cycles PD post 4 cycles (clinical)1Chest wall, LNLetrozole 2 months PD docetaxel (6 cycles) PD liver, sternum, pleural effusion capecitabine 2 months35
412LN neck, axillaSurgery DXT PD on treatment docetaxel 4 cyclesPR (post 2 cycles, US)2LNFTI 3 months PD chest wall vinorelbine+5FU (2 cycles) PD chest wall, LN MVP (7 cycles) PD lung14