Table 2

Immunohistochemical expression pattern of T-cell transcription factors (TFs) in thymus, reactive lymphoid tissues and progressively transformed germinal centres (PTGC)

% Positive cellsIntensity% Positive cellsIntensity% Positive cellsIntensity
Reactive lymphoid tissue
    Mantle zone<1++1–5+1–2+
    Extrafollicular compartment3–5++ ‡5–10+++3–5+++
    Transformed GCs<1++1–5++10–25+++
    Expanded mantle zone1–2+++1–5++2–3++§
    Extrafollicular compartment3–5++5–10+++3–5++
  • GC, germinal centre.

  • −, negative; +, weakly positive; ++, moderately positive; +++, strongly positive.

  • *PTGC findings denote the findings observed in transformed follicles of PTGC cases. Reactive follicles and paracortical areas surrounding the transformed follicles had the same staining pattern as reactive/normal lymphoid tissues.

  • †c-Maf expression in GC was detected mainly in light zone of GCs. Some of the GC macrophages showed moderate expression of c-Maf.

  • ‡Strongly T-bet+ cells were noted, especially in perivascular areas of sinusoids and marginal sinus of the reactive/normal lymph nodes.

  • §c-Maf+ cells were observed as collarettes or single cells.