Table 5

 Summaries of clinical histories of patients with basal-like tumours not responding to chemotherapy

Case numberDisease-free survival (months)Site of relapseTreatment after relapse of diseaseTime relapse to death (months)Overall survival (months)
5-FU, 5-fluorouracil; CMF, cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, 5-fluorouracil; FTI, farnesyl transferase inhibitor; LN, lymph nodes; MVP, mitomycin, vinblastine, cisplatin; PD, progressive disease, PR, partial response.
18LNMVP (2 cycles) PD lung, breast, LN513
Ifosfamide (2 cycles) PD
Paclitaxel (1 cycle) PD
5-FU (1 cycle) PD
Docetaxel (1 cycle) PD
227Liver, bone, LNVinorelbine (2 cycles)229
360BoneDocetaxel (6 cycles) PD liver, lung, bone megestrol767
437Brain, lungDXT brain docetaxel (4 cycles)845
548BoneDXT bone1563
Letrozole 2 months PD
Paclitaxel (6 cycles) PD
Exemestane 13 months PD brain
DXT brain
619Bilateral breast, axillaDocetaxel (4 cycles)726
MVP (1 cycle)
75LungDocetaxel (2 cycles)510
816Skin, axillaFTI PD pericardial effusion1127
Vinorelbine (2 cycles) PD chest wall
Docetaxel (4 cycles) PD lung
MVP (1 cycle)
928Liver, lungVinorelbine/epirubicin (1 cycle)0.828.8
107Ipsilateral LNSurgery3744
Adjuvant FEC (6 cycles)
PD skin
Miftefosine 7 months PD
Herceptin 10 months PD lung
Taxoprexin (5 cycles) PD lung
Vinorelbine (2 cycles) PD bone
117Ipsilateral LNSurgery310
Adjuvant CMF (2 cycles) PD lung
Bleomycin (1 cycle) PD
Doxorubicin (1 cycle) PD
Megestrol (1 week)