Table 1

Consultant questionnaire about the role of the Pathology Liaison Nurse

The Pathology Liaison Nurse:Strongly agreeAgreeNo opinionDisagreeStrongly disagreeNo answer given
Trust matters
Provides a valuable service to the Trust62
Does not improve the quality of PM* consent obtained11231
Is a role which is necessary at this Trust44
Should not be retained by the Trust125
Provides a valuable link to the Pathology Department5111
Is of little use at this Trust251
Matters to do with me and my juniors
Saves medical staff time62
Makes no difference to me or my junior doctors26
Does not relate well to me or my staff1†133
Has an appropriately professional manner431†
Complicates my relationship with the family44
Understands the issues behind my request for a PM*341
Is an important link with the family of the deceased53
Speeds up the process of obtaining PM* consent53
Matters to do with the family
Has been praised by family/friends of the deceased161
Has been criticised by family/friends of the deceased611
Is always sympathetic when dealing with family/friends224
Has a professional manner431
Does not relate well to members of the family2321
Has time to discuss the issues with the family422
  • *PM, postmortem examination (necropsy).

  • †One consultant said, “Haven’t met her yet!”.