Table 2

 Prevalence of selected histological parameters in patients with IT and CD

Histopathological parametersAll patientsAll biopsy specimensEndoscopically abnormal mucosaEndoscopically normal mucosa
IT (n = 18)CD (n = 25)p ValueIT (n = 41)CD (n = 103)p ValueIT (n = 28)CD (n = 77)p ValueIT (n = 13)CD (n = 26)p Value
CD, Crohn’s disease; IT, intestinal tuberculosis; –, not determined.
Average number of granulomas6.52.50.0542.850.60.0007*4.110.70*
Granulomas ⩾5 per biopsy site44%24%0.2820%7%0.029*29%8%0.01*00
Granulomas ⩾10 per biopsy site33%00.003*15%00.0005*21%00.0003*00
Granulomas >0.05 mm267%8%0.0002*31%2%0*46%2%0*00
Confluent granulomas50%00*24%00*36%00*00
Caseous necrosis22%00.025*10%00.006*14%00.004*00
Mucosal granulomas44%40%0.422%13%0.25
Submucosal granulomas44%12%0.02*22%4%0.002*
Granulation tissue granulomas26%8%0.1610%2%0.052*
Ulcer with epithelioid histiocytes61%8%0.0002*30%2%0*39%3%0*00
Disproportionate submucosal chronic inflammation67%10%0.02*55%5%0.004*60%7%0.007*00