Table 1 Genes whose mutations are reported to cause increased risk of hereditary breast cancers, classified according to the level of risk they confer
Breast cancer riskGenes
High risk: 10- to 20-fold relative riskBRCA1 (17q21)
BRCA2 (13q12.3)
TP53 (17p13.1)
Intermediate risk: two- to fourfold relative riskCHEK2 (22q12.1)
ATM (11q22.3)
CDH1 (16q22.1)
PTEN (10q23.31)
BRIP/FANCJ (17q22)
PALB2/FANCN (16p12)
Possible low risk: <twofoldFANCA (16q24.3)
FANCE (6p22–p21)