Table 3 Correlation of KIT mutations with clinical-pathological features of gastrointestinal stromal tumours (n = 63)
ParameterKIT mutation negative (%)KIT mutation positive (%)p value
Age, y (SD)57.2 (16.6)62.8 (14.2)0.16
    Small intestine35.065.0
Dimension (cm)0.93
Mitotic index (50 HPF)0.80
Risk grade0.70
Histological subtype0.01
CD117 expression0.39
Follow-up, months (SD)148.7 (17.1)100.8 (12.1)0.05
  • HPF, high power field (×400); VLR, very low risk; LR, low risk; IR, intermediate risk; HR, high risk.