Table 2 Demographic data on patients with postoperative prostate specific antigen (PSA) relapse
CharacteristicCase no.
Age (years)6667645341
Prostate weight (g)120106783230
Preoperative PSA (ng/ml)19.716.912.31.20.8
Clinical T stageT1cT1cT1cT1cT2a
Pathology T StageT2aT2cT2cT2cT2c
Index tumour volume (cm3)
Total tumour volume (cm3)
Prostate volume (cm3)175.723013033.740
Surgical margin statusNegNegNegNegNeg
Benign glands extend to margin statusYesNoYesNoYes
Total number of tumour foci210774
Gleason score56656
Tumour differentiationWellWellModWellMod
  • All patients were Caucasian.

  • Mod, moderate; Neg, negative.