Table 1 Probes used for in situ hybridisation analysis
ProbeBAC clonesIn-house/commercialLabelled withRegionMapping position
ARP11-434C1 and RP11-407P10In-houseBiotinTelomeric to ETV611425.9–11519.1 kb
BRP11-525I3 and RP11-267J23In-houseDigoxigeninCentromeric to ETV611967.5–12275.8 kb
CRP11-114I9 and RP11-730G13In-houseBiotinTelomeric to NTRK385948.9–86138.5 kb
DRP11-247E14 and RP11-893E1In-houseDigoxigeninCentromeric to NTRK386620.1–86907.5 kb
EpBR12In-houseBiotinCEP 12Centromeric region of chromosomes 12 and 15
ETV6 FISH DNA Probe Split SignalETV6-DownstreamDakoTexas RedCentromeric to the ETV6 breakpoint cluster region;Covering 483 kb centromeric to the ETV6 breakpoint cluster region
ETV6-UpstreamDakoFluoresceinTelomeric to the ETV6 breakpoint cluster regionCovering 264 kb telomeric to the ETV6 breakpoint cluster region
  • BAC, bacterial artificial chromosome.