Table 1

MSI status of colorectal carcinomas based on the results obtained by microfluidic-based chip analyses in comparison to prediagnosis

Samples, n (%)Prediagnosis by fluorescence-linked PCR-approach and laser detectionEstimation by label-free PCR and microfluidics
12 (30)MSI-HMSI-H
1* (2.5)MSI-LMSI-H
1 (2.5)MSI-LMSI-L
1* (2.5)MSSMSI-L
25 (62.5)MSSMSS
  • MSI, microsatellite instability; MSI-H, instability in more than one microsatellite locus (*discrepant data between the techniques applied); MSI-L, instability in one microsatellite locus; MSS, stability in all microsatellite loci.