Table 4

Correlation of paxillin copy number (FISH) with EGFR (exon 19/21) and KRAS (codons12/13) mutation

Tumour histologyPaxillin FISHEGFR exon 19EGFR exon 21KRAS codons 12/13
Adenocarcinoma (1.5 cm), solid and acinar types, with focal signet ring featuresAmplificationWTWTWT
Adenocarcinoma with BAC pattern*AmplificationWTWTMutation
Adenocarcinoma (1.6 cm)DiploidWTWTWT
Adenocarcinoma (0.5 cm), acinar typeDiploidWTWTWT
Large cell carcinoma (1.7 cm)DiploidWTWTWT
Squamous cell carcinoma (3.0 cm)DiploidWTWTNA
Focal squamous metaplasia with dysplasiaDiploidWTWTWT
High-grade squamous cell carcinoma (3.7 cm)DiploidWTWTWT
Adenosquamous carcinoma (1.2 cm)DiploidWTWTWT
Adenocarinoma (3.5 cm) with sarcomatoid changesDiploidWTWTNA
Adenosquamous carcinoma (1.2 cm)DiploidWTWTWT
  • * Paxillin overexpression confirmed with immunohistochemistry.

  • BAC, bronchioloalveolar carcinoma; FISH, fluorescence in situ hybridisation; NA, KRAS PCR amplification failed; WT, wild-type.