Table 2

The combined use of complete IGH and IGK rearrangement assays improves clonality detection in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded follicular lymphoma samples

Combined BIOMED-2 PCR assaysNo. of assaysClonality detection rate (%), n=118Samples with a single clonal result (%), n=118
IGHVн-FR1-Jн, Vн-FR2-Jн, Vн-FR3-Jн379.719.5
IGKVκ-Jκ, Vκ/intron-Kde282.248.3
IGH + IGKVн-FR2-Jн, Vκ-Jκ286.439.0
IGH + IGKVн-FR2-Jн, Vн-FR3-Jн, Vκ-Jκ391.531.4
IGH + IGKVн-FR2-Jн, Vн-FR3-Jн, Vκ-Jκ, Vκ/intron-Kde494.920.3
IGH + IGKVн-FR1-Jн, Vн-FR2-Jн, Vн-FR3-Jн, Vκ-Jκ, Vκ/intron-Kde594.915.3
  • Stepwise combinations of complete IGH and IGK rearrangement assays are shown in rows 3–6. Only data for the best combination per number of assays (2, 3, 4 and 5) are shown.