Table 1

Clinical and biochemical features of 64 children with 22q11.2 microdeletions

Clinical parameter
Age, median (interquartile range), years7 (3–11)
Male gender, number (percentage)34 (53)
Congenital heart disease, number (percentage)51 (80)
Palatopharyngeal anomalies, number (percentage)12 (19)
 Number (percentage)19/57 (33)
 Lowest adjusted plasma calcium, median (interquartile range), mmol/l, range 2.25–2.651.92 (1.56–2.17)
 Serum parathyroid hormone, median (interquartile range), pg/ml, range 10–712.9 (1.8–10.0)
Infection history, number (percentage)
 Nil31 (48)
 With respiratory or deep-seated bacterial infections but no candidiasis/viral gastroenteritis/bronchiolitis21 (33)
 Added infections with viral gastroenteritis/bronchiolitis and/or candidiasis12 (19)