Table 2

Twelve 22q11.2 deletion syndrome patients with severe or recurrent fungal and viral infections

Age (years)Fungal infectionsViral infectionsMicrobiology
1Recurrent oral candidiasisSevere bronchiolitis requiring ventilationCandida (mouth), RSV (NPA)
1NilProtracted enteritisNorovirus (stools)
1Recurrent oral candidiasisNilCandida (mouth)
2Recurrent oral/perineal candidiasisNilCandida (mouth, perineum)
3NilSevere bronchiolitis requiring ventilationRSV (NPA)
5Recurrent oral/perineal candidiasisProtracted enteritis for first 18 months of lifeCandida (perineum), adenovirus+SRSV (stools)
5Recurrent oral candidiasisNilCandida (mouth)
5Recurrent oral candidiasisNilCandida (mouth)
7Recurrent oral/perineal candidiasisProtracted enteritisCandida (mouth, perineum), adenovirus (stools)
8Recurrent oral candidiasisNilCandida (mouth)
9NilBronchiolitis (×2), chickenpox (×4)RSV (NPA)
9Oral candidiasis throughout preschool yearsNilCandida (mouth)
  • NPA, nasopharyngeal aspirate; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus; SRSV, small round structured virus.