Table 1

Patient information including age, sex, symptoms and questionnaire results summarising fatigue severity, pain, sleep, general function and associated symptoms for patients with CFS/ME and normal blood donors enrolled in microarray and real-time PCR studies, respectively

VariableCFS/ME patients in previous study7 (n=55)CFS/ME patients, previously untested (n=56)Q-CFS/ME patients* (n=6)All CFS/ME patients (n=117)Patients with endogenous depression (n=14)Normal blood donors (n=29)
Gender (M:F)19:3610:466:035:824:1014:15
Mean age (years)41.640.2541.541.341.3644.6
Mean duration of disease (years:months)
 Sore throat272905611
 Poor memory/concentration3046480113
 Muscle pain374268552
 Muscle weakness363157221
 Joint pain415269981
 Post-exertional malaise4754510692
 Sleep problem442406843
 Gastrointestinal problems353627361
 Tender lymphadenopathy272225100
Mean scores
 Physical fatigue (Chalder)16.1314.3610.8315.1514.007.69
 Mental fatigue (Chalder)8.057.346.007.987.424.24
 McGill Pain Questionnaire15.2818.5718.8017.589.672.48
 Sphere questionnaire11.2511.217.3310.8712.452.07
 SF36 questionnaire46.4538.6552.8545.1246.1983.61
 Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index10.2210.008.1710.0112.254.28
  • * These six Q-CFS/ME patients were all part of the 1989 Birmingham Q-CFS/ME outbreak cohort.

  • CFS/ME, chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis; NA, not applicable; Sphere, Somatic and Psychological Health Report.