Table 1

Quantititative immunohistochemistry (IHC) in colorectal cancer (CRC): previous reports

StudySpecimenAntigenQuantification methodImage-acquisition techniqueOutcome
Matkowskyj et al23Stable CRC cell lines expressing gastrin-releasing peptide at between 102 and 106 receptors per cellGastrin-releasing peptideSelection of region of interest, chromogen present per pixelRGBChromogen quantity as determined by quantitative IHC tightly linearly correlated with gastrin-releasing peptide receptor number
Bhargava et al20CRC tissue microarrayEpidermal growth factor receptorMaximal intensity of microarray tissue coreRGBSemiquantitative manual scoring correlated well with image analysis
Messersmith et al24CRC and normal colon tissue microarraysEpidermal growth factor receptorMean intensity of 3× regions of interestRGBImage analysis highly reproducible, and correlated well with western blotting, ELISA and manual scoring
Peretti et al25CRC and normal colonHeparanase-2 and syndecan-1Percentage labelled cells and staining intensityRGBExpression of heparanase-2 and syndecan-1 was related to neoplasia. Cut-off points for staining intensity were proposed which gave very high sensitivities and specificities for the identification of CRC.
  • RGB, red–green–blue.