Table 2

Clinicopathological characteristics of the carcinomas with equivocal (2+) HER2 immunostaining

Age (years)N=345
Size (mm)N=278
Histological typeN=345
 Others (tubular, medullary)51.4
Histological grade (BRE)N=323
Oestrogen receptorN=344
 Positive (>10% of tumour cells)29986.9
 Negative (<10% of tumour cells)4513.1
Progesterone receptorN=344
 Positive (>10% of tumour cells)24170.1
 Negative (<10% of tumour cells)10329.9
 Low (<20% of tumour cells)12254.2
 High (>20% of tumour cells)10345.8
pT stageN=278
Nodal statusN=264
  • * For a subset of carcinomas, not all clinicopathological characteristics were available. BRE score, Bloom–Richardson–Elston score.