Table 4

Association between HER2 genetic heterogeneity and other tumour characteristics in breast carcinomas with equivocal (2+) HER2 immunostaining (N=345)

Variablep Value (two-tailed)
Absence of HER2 gene cluster0.019
Polysomy 17 (chromosome 17 copy number >2.25)0.010
Age (<50 vs ≥50 years)0.463
Size (≤2.0 vs >2.0 cm)0.807
Histological type0.401
Histological grade0.033
Oestrogen receptor status (positive vs negative)1.000
Progesterone receptor status (positive vs negative)1.000
Ki-67 labelling index (low vs high)0.276
pT stage0.130
Nodal status (positive vs negative)0.254
SSI (stable vs unstable)1.000
DNA ploidy category0.001
5c Exceeding rate (low vs high)0.005
  • SSI, stem line scatter index.