Table 1

EpCAM expression in primary adenocarcinoma of the gastrointestinal tract

Tumour type (no. of samples)No EpCAM overexpression*EpCAM overexpression*
No expression (TIS 0)Weak expression (TIS 1–4)Moderate expression (TIS 6, 8)Intense expression (TIS 9, 12)
Colon cancer (104)007612128582
Ampullary cancer (34)0051514411544
Gastric cancer (73)34162214194055
Oesophageal cancer (43)512102311261739
Gallbladder cancer (128)97342753413225
Pancreatic cancer (203)21713556267437
Hepatocellular carcinoma (47)4086362424
  • EpCAM expression was determined by immunohistochemistry.

  • * EpCAM overexpression defined by Gastl et al3.

  • EpCAM, epithelial cell adhesion molecule; TIS, total immunostaining score.