Table 1

Typical immunophenotype of mucinous carcinomas of various organs

Intestinal-type ovarianD or FF or DF or DDFNNDN
Mullerian-type ovarianDNNN or FNDDDN
Colorectal (including appendix)N*DDDDNNDN or F
PancreaticD or FN or FD or FDFF or DND or NN
BiliaryD or FN or FD or FDFF or DND or NN
GastricD or FN or FD or FDFNNDN
CervicalDN or FD or FNN or FDN or FDD
  • These represent the most typical immunostaining patterns but aberrant staining may occur in individual neoplasms.

  • * Rectal adenocarcinomas may be CK7 positive.

  • Non-HPV-related cervical adenocarcinomas may be p16 negative.

  • CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen; D, diffusely positive; ER, oestrogen receptor; F, focally positive; HPV, human papillomavirus; N, negative.