Table 3

Cutting of nephrectomy specimens (capsule penetration, sections taken)

Method for searching for capsule penetration
 Fibrous capsule stripped to adherent area24.139/162
 Blunt dissection of adipose capsule4.98/162
 Perpendicular slicing into tumour69.1112/162
No of slices cut through tumour
 Every 10 mm49.180/163
No of tumour blocks taken from tumours >2 cm in diameter (combinations allowed)
 Only 10.00/163
 Arbitrary but more than 121.535/163
 Complete inclusion if <338.062/163
 1 per cm of maximum diameter61.3100/163
Sections from all tumours in cases of multifocal tumour
Sections of normal renal parenchyma taken
 Always. Usually far from tumour + edge of tumour79.8130/163
 Always. Usually only far from tumour14.724/163
 Always. Usually only edge of tumour5.59/163
Sections of renal pelvis taken
Sections of grossly normal hilar vessels
Sections of grossly suspicious sinus fat?
 Yes, 1 section27.544/160
 Yes, 2–3 sections55.689/160
 Yes, >3 sections16.326/160
Sections of grossly normal sinus fat?
Systematic sections of renal sinus margin?
 Yes, usually complete sampling68.7112/163
 Yes, a fixed proportion of margin22.737/163
Sections of grossly normal adrenal when present?