Table 3

Spearman correlation coefficients between inForm binning scores and Ariol scores (mean intensity, area and combination score)

CohortImmunohistochemical stainDataNIntensity scoreArea/nuclear scoreCombination score
Swedish IIα-cateninSamples5420.830.9290.932
Swedish IIα-cateninTumour cores11230.8210.9530.954
Swedish IKi-67Samples3710.490.6720.672
Swedish IKi-67Tumour cores8510.4240.6590.657
Swedish IStathminSamples2380.4610.9340.933
Swedish IStathminTumour cores5830.4370.9290.928
  • Note: sample data were generated by taking the mean score from all three cores for each sample.

  • All correlation values were significant with a p value <2.2×10−16.