Table 9

Classification of renal tumours

If you would find new entities not included in the WHO 2004 classification, would you report them by their proposed names?
 No, would report as unclassified19.331/161
Do you consider a tumour sarcomatoid if:
 It has a spindle cell pattern50.981/159
 It is very atypical and looks like any type of sarcoma49.178/159
Do you recognise early sarcomatoid change (elongation of epithelial cells) as sarcomatoid carcinoma?
How are sarcomatoid carcinomas reported?
 Unclassified carcinoma0.00/160
 Unclassified carcinoma but mention sarcomatoid component10.016/160
 If evidence of another histological type, this type is diagnosed with sarcomatoid transformation90.0144/160
Are small papillary tumours
 Considered malignant if diameter >2 mm3.86/159
 Considered malignant if diameter >5 mm55.388/159
 Considered malignant if diameter >10 mm5.79/159
 Only if nuclear grade sufficiently high9.415/159
 Called papillary tumour with size reported25.841/159
Do you report papillary microadenomas incidentally found in nephrectomy specimens?
Do you subtype papillary RCC as type I or II?
  • RCC, renal cell carcinoma.