Table 2

Clinicopathological summary of cases of mucosal large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma

Case noAge/sexSitepTNTxPrognosis (months)CD56ChASynTTF-1p63HMWKN-cadKi-67 LI
161/MTBT2N2cS+RDOAD (35 m)f+++++++86.7%
265/MTBT2N0SDOD (50 m)++f++++++90.8%
363/MLWT2N2bS+RDOD (15 m)++++++++++93.1%
469/MLarynxT3N2bS+CDOD (25 m)++p+++f++78.1%
567/MLarynxT4aN2cS+CAWOD (31 m)++++p+f+++87.2%
674/MLarynxT2N2cSAWOD (18 m)++f++f++95.3%
765/MLarynxT3N2bS+CAWOD (24 m)++f+++f+96.2%
852/MHypoT2N1S+CAWOD (90 m)++++f++92.8%
  • AWOD, alive without disease; C, chemotherapy; ChA, chromogranin-A; DOAD, died of another disease; DOD, died of disease; HMWK, high molecular weight keratin; hypo, hypopharynx; Ki-67 LI, Ki-67 labelling index; LW, lateral wall of the oropharynx; N-cad, N-cadherin; R, radiotherapy; S, surgery; Syn, synaptophysin; TB, tongue base; TTF-1, thyroid transcription factor-1; Tx, treatment.

  • −, negative; f+, focally positive (<10% positive); p+, partially positive (10–19% positive); +, positive (20%–49% positive); ++, diffusely and strongly positive (>50% positive).