Table 1

Study participants and clinical outcomes

Study participants
 Invited66 225
 Kits returned40 12560.6
 Testable38 72058.5
 Positive (f-Hb concentration ≥400 ng/ml)9432.4
 Undergoing colonoscopy81486.3
 Declined colonoscopy/unfit12913.7
Clinical outcomes
 Neoplasia detected35043
  High-risk adenoma19023.3
  Low-risk adenoma11914.6
  Unclassified risk adenoma20.2
 Hyperplastic polyps404.9
 Inflammatory bowel disease344.2
 Diverticular disease10412.8
 Miscellaneous pathology*678.2
 No pathology171†21
  • *Miscellaneous pathology includes angiodysplasia, mucosal prolapse and those who had two or more non-neoplastic outcomes occurring synchronously.

  • †One participant with no pathology detected did not have a definitive f-Hb result and was therefore excluded from analysis from this point onwards.

  • f-Hb, faecal haemoglobin concentration.