Table 3

Original and WSI based diagnosis of the 10 discrepant cases digitally.

CaseSiteClinical dataOriginal diagnosisDigital diagnosisDiscrepancy typePreferred diagnosis
1StomachSuspicion of reflux, red stomachWithout specific changesVery minor chronic changesMildWSI
2Terminal ileumPrednisone resistance. Morbus Crohn?Active chronic inflammation with ulcerationMild active inflammation, no granuloma.MildOriginal
3RectumSuspicion of Morbus Hirschsprung?Morbus HirschsprungNo Morbus HirschsprungDiscrepantOriginal
4Small intestinePerforation with free air 7 days after resection. Leakage?Small intestinal resection with perforation and ulceration with evidence of candidiasis.Mild reactive changes with ischaemia, ulceration and necrosis. No candidiasisDiscrepantOriginal
5PlacentaMother with history of epilepsy without medication. Baby born with lethal kidney abnormality. Placental abnormality?Severe chorioamnionitis, funiculitis, chronic villitisSevere chorioamnionitis, mild chronic villitisMildOriginal
6PlacentaIUGR, placental abnormality?Mild chronic villitis, diffuse ischaemia and infarctionMild ischaemic changes, mild chorioamnionitis, moderate chronic villitis and mild delay in the maturationMildOriginal
7PlacentaPremature delivery, placental abnormality?Extensive chorioamnionitis especially in the chorionic plate and features suggestive of chronic abruption oligohydramnios sequence (CAOS).Presence of some acute inflammatory cells and features of placental abruptionMildOriginal
8PlacentaFetal distress, meconium. Placental insufficiency?Chorioamnionitis, funiculitis and chronic villitis with unknown origin, delay in maturationMild ischaemia and mild delay in the maturation, very mild chronic villitis and chorioamnionitis of unknown originMildOriginal
9PlacentaDichorionic diamniotic twin pregnancy, Intrauterine Growth RetardationMild chorioamnionitis and chronic villitis from unknown etiologyVery mild chorioamnionitis, no villitisMildOriginal
10PlacentaDiabetic mother, Placental abnormalities?Parenchymal changes suggestive of DM. mild chronic villitis of unknown originVery mild ischaemic changes, slight delay in maturation compatible with DMMildOriginal
  • DM, Diabetes Mellitus; IUGR, Intrauterine Growth Retardation.