Table 3

Key clinical features of the cases

CaseDemographics (sex, age (years))Clinical presentationRelevant historyRadiological characteristicsSerologyPossible other organ manifestationsSurgical treatmentRecurrence
1Male, 75AP, weight lossDMFocal mass HOP, PD dilatedPulmonary nodules, retroperitoneal nodes, bulky ampullaWhipple'sNo
2Male, 74AP, weight lossDMFocal mass HOP, PD dilatedSolitary indeterminate lung nodule, peripancreatic nodesTotal pancreatectomyNo
3Male, 79APFocal mass HOP and neck, PD dilated, stricture PDTotal pancreatectomyNo
4Male, 75APDMFocal mass HOP, PD dilatedWhipple's and postoperative chemotherapyYes
5Male, 66APDM, hypothyroidFocal mass HOP, pancreatitis, PV thrombusWhipple'sYes
6Male, 67APFocal mass HOP, PD dilated, pancreatitisWhipple'sNo
7Female, 63AP, weight lossFocal mass HOP and uncinate, PD dilated, atrophyWhipple'sNo
8Female, 57APFocal mass BOP, PD dilatedWhipple's and postoperative chemotherapyNo
9Male, 72NoneFocal mass HOP, PD dilatedTotal pancreatectomy and splenectomyNo
10Male, 77JaundiceAsthma, atopyFocal mass uncinate, PD dilated, PV thrombosissIgG8.87 d/l, sIgG4 0.27 g/l, ANA negativeWhipple's and postoperative chemotherapyYes
11Male, 59SteatorrhoeaFocal mass HOP, PD dilatedWhipple'sNo
12Male 58NoneOpthalmoplegia (no cause)Focal mass HOP, PD dilated, atrophyTotal pancreatectomyNo
13Female, 59APFocal mass TOP, PD dilatedDistal pancreatectomyYes
14Male, 76NoneFocal mass HOPWhipple'sNo
  • ANA, antinuclear antibody; AP, abdominal pain; BOP, body of pancreas; DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus; HOP, head of pancreas; PD, pancreatic duct; PV  portal vein; TOP, tail of pancreas.