Table 1

Details of cohorts and concordance of blood and lymphatic vessel invasion (BLI)

H&E stainingD2-40 and elastica stainingDesignated area of lesionCriterionκ Value95% CIPositive ratio (%)
Cohort 1
 +Agreement in blood vessel invasion0.5240.441 to 0.60628.1
 +Agreement in lymphatic vessel invasion0.2160.133 to 0.29932.5
Cohort 2
 ++Agreement in BLI0.466
Cohort 3
 ++Agreement in blood vessel invasion0.5020.419 to 0.58473.8
 ++Agreement in lymphatic vessel invasion0.1530.071 to 0.23633.8
Cohort 4
 +++Agreement in BLI0.622
Cohort 5
 +++Agreement in blood vessel invasion0.5470.464 to 0.63042.5
 +++Agreement in lymphatic vessel invasion0.4920.409 to 0.57526.9
Cohort 6
 +++Agreement in blood vessel invasion0.6170.534 to 0.70075.6
 +++Agreement in lymphatic vessel invasion0.6180.534 to 0.70031.9
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