Table 2

Details of the specimens used in the study and the source from where they were obtained

ERα studyFFPE specimen typeSource/descriptionNumber of specimens
Analytical specificity30 normal tissue typesDako Tissue Bank/tissue arrays90 (89 evaluable)
Concordance of clone EP1 and ERα component of the ER/PR pharmDx kitBreast carcinoma (TMAs)BioChain (Z7020004, Z7020005, T8235721), LifeSpan (LS-BRCA32)274
Breast carcinoma (single blocks)Dako Tissue Bank/single specimens40
Comparison study of EP1 and SP1Oncotype DX (TMA)Indiana University/ER+ with Oncotype DX311 cores/176 cases
Breast carcinoma (TMA)Indiana University/long-term follow-up data available617 cores/390 cases
  • ER, oestrogen receptor; FFPE, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded.