Table 13

Some terms which may cause problems

Non-specific chronic colitis/non-specific colitisMay be misinterpreted as representing a diagnosis or a category. AvoidDescribe the features. Conclude with a comment on their lack of specificity
Colitis (as a conclusion, without further qualification)May be misinterpreted as meaning ulcerative colitisQualify by suggesting aetiology or likely significance
Indeterminate colitisOften used inappropriately. Causes confusion. Avoid, at least for biopsy reportingInflammatory bowel disease, unclassified (IBDU)
Colitis of undetermined type/etiology (CUTE)As for indeterminate colitis. AvoidIBDU
An unqualified diagnosis of microscopic colitis/indiscriminate use of the term microscopic colitisRequires qualificationCategorise as collagenous or lymphocytic colitis if possible, or describe and interpret the features
Incipient crypt abscessImprecise. Avoid.Cryptitis or crypt abscess
Consistent with/in keeping with/compatible withPerhaps overused. Could potentially mean anything from ‘it might be’ the diagnosis to ‘it is’ the diagnosisConvey the degree of diagnostic certainty as precisely as possible