Table 1

Summary of the population demographics and POCT and laboratory results used to calculate the CVD risk scores

Proportion women (%)6057
Median (IQR) age (years)48 (40–54)54 (46–65)
Mean (SD) systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)128 (16)139 (26)
Mean (SD) diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)84 (12)83 (12)
Mean (SD) BMI (kg/m2)27 (5)28 (13)
Mean (SD) TC (mmol/L)5.5 (1.0)5.4 (1.0)5.6 (1.2)4.8 (1.3)
Estimated total error—TC8.425.0
Mean (SD) HDL-C (mmol/L)1.41 (0.40)1.26 (0.37)1.42 (0.38)1.26 (0.40)
Estimated total error—HDL-C15.425.1
Mean (SD) TC/HDL-C ratio4.2 (1.4)4.6 (1.7)4.2 (1.4)4.1 (1.6)
Current smoker9%6%
 White British64.0%48.3%
  • Summary of the LDX (n=162) and CardioChek (n=87) subject population demographics and laboratory and POCT TC:HDL-C ratio data used to calculate the CVD risk scores.

  • BMI data was missing for 17 patients in the CardioChek group.

  • BMI, Body Mass Index; CVD, cardiovascular disease; POCT, point-of-care testing; TC, total cholesterol.