TableĀ 1

Types of KRAS testing by CLIA

Testing typeDescriptionNo. of patients
RedPathPCR followed by dideoxy chain termination sequencing24
GenzymeAllele-specific primer extension technique for any mutation of codons 12 and 136
CarisDNA was amplified with primers flanking KRAS exon 2 (codons 12 and 13) and KRAS exon 3 (codon 61)2
LabCorp7 KRAS mutations on 12 and 13 using ARMS (Amplification refractory mutation system) and real-time PCR using Scorpionsā„¢ technology4
BayCare Molecular Pathology LabReal-time PCR of codons 12 and 132
Mayo Clinic 7 Mutation PanelSanger sequencing, allele-specific PCR, tests for seven common mutations in codons 12 and 131
Clinical Laboratory PartnersPCR for 12 and 131
PhenopathPCR for 12 and 132
ClarientReal-time PCR for 12 and 131
Testing type unavailable34