TableĀ 4

Details of all cases of CIN2+ detected during follow-up of 1020 patients who had received treatment for cervical disease

Case numberHC2 RLU/COCOBAS (with typing)rtHPV (with typing)Cervista (HPV species)Aptima (with value)CytologyHistology
1777.611616A910.79Severe dyskaryosisCIN 3
2242.091616A910.22Mild dyskaryosisCIN 3
31095.42Other HR-HPVOther HR-HPVA5/67.41Moderate dyskaryosisCIN 3
46.04Other HR-HPVOther HR-HPVA5/6, A94.85Borderline squamous changesCIN 2
52777.2116,Other HR-HPV16, Other HR-HPVA7, A919.02Severe dyskaryosisCIN 2
6327.67Other HR-HPVOther HR-HPVA916.87Moderate dyskaryosisCIN 2
7273.431616A910.16Severe dyskaryosisCIN 3
861.891616A910.07Moderate dyskaryosisCIN 3
9247.11616A910.46Severe dyskaryosisCIN 3
102.37Other HR-HPVOther HR-HPVNegativeNegativeNegativeCIN 2
11894.48Other HR-HPVOther HR-HPVA99.6Mild dyskaryosisCIN 3
12180.4Other HR-HPVOther HR-HPVA917.49Moderate dyskaryosisCIN 3
132209.851616A5/6, A99.62Mild dyskaryosisCIN 2
142762.861616A912.4Moderate dyskaryosisCIN 3
152224.6816,Other HR-HPVOther HR-HPVA5/6, A920.06Moderate dyskaryosisCIN 2
16132.391616A911.8Moderate dyskaryosisCIN 3
1713.791616A911.73Severe dyskaryosisCIN 2
18964.151616A5/6, A910.53Severe dyskaryosisCIN 3
19445.86Other HR-HPVOther HR-HPVA5/67.98NegativeCIN 2
204.3916,Other HR-HPV16, Other HR-HPVA718.74Severe dyskaryosisCIN 3
21539.1516,Other HR-HPV16, Other HR-HPVA911.24Severe dyskaryosisCIN 3
221.85Other HR-HPVOther HR-HPVA5/6NegativeNegativeCIN 2
235.871616A910.27Severe dyskaryosisInvasive SCC
  • CIN, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia; HC2, hybrid capture 2 test; HPV, human papillomavirus; HR-HPV, high risk HPV; rtHPV, real time HPV test; RLU/CO, relative light unit/cut off.