Table 2

Minimum content of reports for RAS testing of CRC to guide anti-EGFR therapy

Report itemExample
The tested tissue block reference numberLaboratory reference number: 1234–14
The neoplastic cell content of the tissue (macrodissected or not) from which DNA was extractedThe sample of tissue macrodissected for RAS analysis had an estimated neoplastic cell content of 40%
The analytical method used, including the version number of the kit (if used), the scope and the limit of detection (LOD) of the assay*Pyrosequencing using the Therascreen Qiagen RGQ PCR kit, which assays 7 KRAS mutations (12Ala, 12Asp, 12Arg, 12Cys, 12Ser, 12Val and 13Asp). Assay LOD 1–5%
The result KRAS mutation present
The nucleotide and the amino acid changes (using HGVS nomenclature†), if specified by the testing methodc.35G>T p.Gly12Val
A clinical interpretation of the resultThe patient is unlikely to respond to anti-EGFR therapy
  • *It is essential that the requestor of RAS testing understands what proportion of RAS mutations have been tested for, particularly in the event of a wild-type result.