Table 1

Grading system for immunohistochemical staining

GradeIL-6 liverCRP liverCRP heartP-selectinICAM-1
0NegativeNegative or <1 hepatocyte per 50 staining positive with no specific patternNegativeNegativeNegative
1Focal stainingPeriportal staining with intervening negative stainingFocal stainingPositive<10% vessels/sinusoids staining positive
2Diffuse stainingStrong periportal staining with positive intervening hepatocytesStrong zonal staining with positive intervening myocytesBetween 10% and 50% of vessels/sinusoids stain positive
3Strong diffuse stainingStrong diffuse staining>50% of vessels/sinusoids stain positive
  • If not otherwise specified, grading was used for heart and liver tissues. P-selectin staining patterns were either completely negative or diffusely strongly positive. VCAM-1 staining was diffusely positive for all endothelium within the heart and liver.

  • CRP, c-reactive protein.