TableĀ 4

Univariable and multivariable Cox regression analyses for tumour progression

VariableCategorisationUnivariable analysisMultivariable analysis
HR95% CIp ValueHR95% CIp Value
Tumour stage (pTa vs pT1)1.4810.635 to 3.4540.363
Histological grade49*2.0720.894 to 4.8040.090.7060.258 to 1.9330.499
Adjacent carcinoma in situ1.5630.363 to 6.7230.549
Multifocality1.4010.565 to 3.4720.467
Growth pattern (papillary vs solid)7.6532.715 to 21.568<0.00113.3773.314 to 53.99<0.001
Cx435.2662.224 to 12.467<0.0017.7542.763 to 21.76<0.001
Ki-673.361.428 to 7.9040.0061.760.627 to 4.9410.283
  • *Staging and grading according to the 2004 WHO classification system.