Table 1

Features of most common germ-line aberrations of young-age prostate cancer

Genomic location17q2113q12.317q21–22
Relative risk of prostate cancer1.8–4.5 for age <65 years23 for age <55 years
2.5–8.6 for age <65 years
Eightfold for age <55 years
Ethnic predominanceAshkenazi Jewish, Norwegian, Dutch and Icelandic peopleAshkenazi Jewish, Norwegian, Dutch and Icelandic peopleFinnish, Swedish
Specific mutation associated with young-age prostate cancerBRCA2 999del5 (Icelandic founder mutation)HOXB13 G84E, rs138213197
Characteristic histological featuresIntraductal carcinoma in 42%Pseudohyperplastic features in 45%
Other associated cancersBreast and ovaryBreast and ovaryBreast