Table 2

Clinicopathological correlations with SRPK1 expression and multivariate logistical regression analysis of predictive value for biochemical recurrence

Correlation with SRPK1 scoreMultivariate logistical regression
VariableSpearman's rank correlation coefficientp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Age at surgery (years)−0.020.771.100.98 to 1.230.100
Preoperative PSA (ng/mL)− to 1.100.664
Gleason grade0.120.213.471.23 to 9.810.019
T-stage0.270.0042.240.58 to 8.600.239
Extracapsular perineural invasion0.250.0080.890.15 to 5.310.902
Extracapsular extension0.280.0031.070.11 to 10.20.955
Positive surgical margins0.080.412.280.67 to 7.750.187
Biochemical recurrence0.080.41NANANA
SRPK1 expression*NANA0.920.30 to 2.800.885
  • *SRPK1 expression converted to a dichotomous variable for purposes of multivariate logistical regression; high (expression score 3) and low (expression scores 0, 1 and 2).

  • NA, not applicable; PSA, prostate-specific antigen; SRPK1, serine-arginine protein kinase 1.