Table 2

Complete blood count data and peripheral blood morphology

CaseWBC (×109/L)Hgb (g/dL)Plt (×109/L)Percentage of basophilsPercentage of blastsPeripheral blood morphology
110.710.5199030Left shift
211.112.9182801Giant platelets
348.310.8163342Left shift
48.713.61498120Left shift, giant platelets
580.310.986322Left shift
6110.012.066740Left shift
7*80.911.124232Left shift
7†6.9112.185800Left shift
8248.06.035695Left shift, eosinophilia
9157.015.023653Left shift
1086.911.719611Left shift
1159.611.51630.80Left shift
1242.97.975245Giant platelets, megakaryoblasts
  • *At diagnosis.

  • †27 months after initial diagnosis.

  • Hgb, haemoglobin; Plt, platelet; WBC, white blood cell.