Table 4

Treatment and clinical follow-up

CaseTreatmentMolecular remission*Plt (×109/L)Follow-upStatus
2NilotinibNo3851 monthAlive
3DasatinibNA10436 monthsAlive
4Hydroxyurea, then imatinibNo3687 monthsAlive
5NilotinibYes34030 monthsAlive
6ImatinibYes14532 monthsAlive
7Imatinib, ruxolitinibNo22055 monthsAlive
8NilotinibYes20769 monthsAlive
9NilotinibYes15729 monthsAlive
10ImatinibYes20517 monthsAlive
11NilotinibYes26212 monthsAlive
12Imatinib, UCBT, nilotinib Yes†1948 monthsExpired
  • *Molecular remission, as determined by quantitative RT-PCR, is defined as levels of BCR-ABL1 transcripts <0.1% on the international scale after the initiation of therapy.

  • †Initially, then relapsed.

  • NA, not available; Plt, platelet; UCBT, umbilical cord blood transplant.